Garden Flower Trowel


Our huge experience in earthworks made us a natural choice for this project, which involved massive-scale land-forming around the property, to make it blend perfectly with the surrounding Cotswold landscape.
But it was a project that called for finesse, as well as muscle, on our part. From building a large curved path on the roof terrace of the house, through construction of delicate water features, to preparation and planting of the designer’s scheme, we demonstrated our full range of skills and capabilities in bringing this beautiful garden to life.

Client's view

“What we wanted from our garden was somewhere quiet and secluded to sit and enjoy flowers and the view.  We also wanted a beautiful and peaceful outlook for the bedrooms facing into the top courtyard garden. What we like best is the opportunity to hide away to some extent and be somewhere beautiful and quiet, so what we wanted has been achieved.”

Architect's view

CV_photos_jack_option2“This project was one of the most challenging I have worked on; and I do not believe it would have been as successful as it is without Walmsley Shaw.

“In particular, the landforming to the north of the site was incredibly difficult as the site conditions were very challenging. It took a considerable amount of skill and tenacity to implement our design. which I believe few contractors could have done.

“The upper courtyard roof garden was another area where Walmsly Shaw excelled. We created an undulating flower garden with lightweight polystyrene filler blocks, drainage boards and 300mm of lightweight growing medium. We had not done this before and again Walmsly Shaw’s skill and ‘can do approach’ were invaluable.”

Jack Marshall,

Builder's view

“This was our first project with SEED Landscape Design, and an amazing challenge – so we were thrilled they trusted us to tackle it.

“It took us over a year to complete, and we moved many thousands of cubic metres of earth in some of the wettest conditions we’ve ever experienced. But we came through it all, and were delighted with the result. And we’ve worked with SEED on several more projects since then, so they must have been happy with our contribution, too.”