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Growing bigger and better, year by year

Since Walmsley Shaw was started by construction industry professional Martin Shaw back in 2000, we’ve never stopped getting better at what we do. To be specific, we would say that, as garden builders, we’ve grown in three main ways.

First, of course, we’ve grown in terms of experience and expertise. From the outset, Martin knew landscaping and earthworks inside out, but his passion for garden trades and his knowledge of materials, and how best to source them, just keep on increasing.

Second, we’ve grown ever-more professional. We’ve put together a brilliant on-site team, and continually refined our project management skills, to the point where we are now almost boringly efficient and easy to work with.

And third, we’re pleased to say that – since winning the first of many awards in 2010 – our reputation for helping to create beautiful gardens has never stopped growing.

Back when we started, our goal was to be recognised as one of the country’s leading garden builders, sought out by the most talented designers, to collaborate on their most important and exciting projects.

Today, that ambition hasn’t changed. But we’re a bit closer to achieving it.

Meet Martin

After originally studying horticulture, Martin changed direction and went into the construction industry, where he learned a huge amount about major earthworks projects – which gave him a major head-start when he went into business building gardens 15 years ago.

He’s married to Jyoti, and has four young children. So no surprise to learn that his own garden is a bit neglected.

“I grew up on a farm in the Shropshire countryside, where my family spent many years renovating and restoring a derelict manor house and its traditional gardens. Instead of doing my homework, I’d help out building a wall or digging a flower-bed. So you could say my passion for construction and landscaping is in the blood. These days, I spend a bit more time in the office, keeping an eye on the bigger picture and co-ordinating the team. But I’m probably still happiest up to my knees in mud!”