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Five reasons to choose Walmsley Shaw for your next garden

What we do won’t take long to describe. We build gardens, to exceptionally high standards. Working in close collaboration with the designer or architect, we ensure that the finished garden matches the client’s highest expectations. We follow the plan, and we bring the project in on schedule and on budget. As for why we’re different from other landscape contractors you’ve worked with, we can think of five main areas in which you’ll notice a real difference when you work with us…


A firmer grasp of your vision

The easiest way for a landscape contractor to upset a talented garden designer? Fail to follow the plan. And it’s surprising how often that happens – whether because the builder simply doesn’t understand the vision, or is incapable of delivering it.

At Walmsley Shaw, we build the garden you conceive. We pore over your plans, ask questions, and we don’t start work until we’re certain we’re seeing what you’ve planned from your perspective.


Better at building relationships

For designers and their clients, there’s a lot at stake in creating a new garden – and often, the hardest aspect of the project is building and maintaining friendly and professional relationships between all parties.

We’re very good at it. Understanding your vision means we’ll never undermine or contradict you. You can also rely on us to suggest practical solutions, if problems arise. And when it comes to interacting with your clients we’ll keep them informed, and answer their questions – ensuring that designer, client and builder are always on the same page.


Getting it exactly right

Naturally, you want the garden you’ve designed to be perfect in every respect. We feel exactly the same way. At Walmsley Shaw, the quality of the end result is all that we really care about.

From the examples of our work, you’ll see that we are traditionalists at heart, fanatical about getting every little detail exactly right. But that doesn’t mean we’re stuck in our ways; we’re always looking for progression in our work, and very happy to be set new challenges.


From soil to sourcing

Thanks to Martin’s background in construction, we have high level expertise in earthworks; a near-instinctive understanding of how best to undertake significant remodelling of the landscape, based on in-depth geotechnical knowledge and long experience using British Standard techniques with the relevant plant and machinery.

Over time, we’ve also developed an impressive breadth of knowledge on sourcing the specialist craftsmanship and quality materials that can make all the difference to realising your vision.


Your promise of a smooth-running project

Above all, the success of a garden building project depends on good planning and meticulous site management. That’s another of our strengths. At Walmsley Shaw, we drive things forward relentlessly – doing exactly what we’ve said we’ll do, exactly when we said we’d do it.

And we’re continually raising our game, by investing in the well-trained people and resources needed to provide every client with a really personal and utterly professional service. Quite simply, when you work with us, you can be certain we’ll enable you to deliver on your promises.