Garden Flower Trowel

A Garden Kitchen

The client wanted to maximise the use of their garden and top of their list was to create a welcoming area for outdoor entertaining, equipped with a kitchen to make it happen.

This was an exciting project to bring to life, with Robin’s design giving us scope to demonstrate our expertise in both re-leveling small spaces and creating bespoke features that enhance the enjoyment of a client’s home.


Client's View

“The ability to spill out into a beautiful outdoor space for eating and drinking with friends was just what we needed. We wanted to be able to look out over the pretty rooftops of the town and feel like we were on holiday.

“Our ideas were to reduce the number of levels from four to two, and increase the usable space by getting rid of the grass and replacing it with stone paving. We also needed additional privacy as the garden backs onto an office car park. Specifically, we wanted an outdoor kitchen with a cast iron grill.”

Architect's View

“The client had a clear view of what they wanted to achieve but the significant slope, the neighbouring car park and limited access made this is a classic urban challenge that demanded a highly creative approach.

“There was a lot of structural work required, as well as creativity when it came to constructing the kitchen. I knew Walmsley Shaw would tackle both elements skillfully and professionally and create a really inviting place to spend time in.”

Designer: Robin Williams,

Builder's View

“With limited access, this project started with the task of moving tons of soil and rock by hand in the heat of summer. Some sensitive liaising with the commercial property next door thankfully shortened the distance required for moving materials.

“The long stemmed pleached trees at the end of the garden provide the height and privacy the client wanted, and really help to enhance the views of Bradford-on-Avon’s rooftops.

“A particular highlight was the kitchen build, where we were able to make use of high grade materials to create a durable, practical and aesthetically pleasing preparation space, that will bring life into the garden for years to come.”